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Wont someone let me out of here!

Come on in….

Some would have you believe that the dream career for any aspiring (perspiring?) music aficionado is working in a second hand record shop… There are those of us who attain this gem of jobs…. Over time we find ourselves completely immersed in a culture that we are unable to extract our asses from… We’re completely incapable of functioning in any other workplace and fritter away our lives at the mercy of rabid collectors and folk that think they could do the Job better than you….

Some of us think its a good idea to commit our life savings to starting a small, independent shop in a outlying suburb….

Then we are not sure what to do with our over active, underachieving minds….

Please allow me to share, thru this medium, a few of the things I’ve come up with as an alternative to just staring out the window with an expensive, rare, first issue disc blaring on the instore sound system…..

Welcome to my day job.

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