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Sensitive to smoking images, but…

Another superlative find at the Tip shop…. a 40s/50s kids game based on bingo… match the image drawn from the bag with the ones on your card to win amazing prizes (not)…. here’s some examples


…. is it my recently reformed-smoker imagination or does this simple child’s amusement contain far too many tobacco related items?….

3 responses to “Sensitive to smoking images, but…

  1. anthony

    that is feckin beautiful…I’m putting together a story about all the cool stuff we CAN”T get at the Palmy tip shop…cos we HAVEN”T GOT ONE! jealous…You may be interviewed.

  2. …. interview at will… but be fast…. the first rule of Tip Shop is “dont talk about Tip Shop”… my days may be numbered.

  3. stebaxter ⋅

    Not sure about the tobacco stuff, but it looks like that plane is about to crash 🙂

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