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Buncha Skulls!

…. before I got side tracked by the “lost” images below,this is was what I wanted to put out there today… some stuff from the sketch book… stuff that contributed to my alleged near death experience and by association, this blog … as a “natural” progression of my drawing skulls & cross bones on everything (don’t ask about the winged, poo-throwing skull monkeys…) I was exploring the delightfully decorative art of the Mexican day of the dead…skull sketch_0001

…candy skulls, Yeah!…. enough patterny stuff to keep me amused for pages & pages….

Elsewhere, Dee was organising a “Day of the Dead” gig and showing true insight & entrepreneurial savvy she put me in charge of the poster… “Ho ho” says I “a complicated design challenge… my favourite”…skull sketch_0002

…the above is my quick fire response to her request…which led to some mind-bendingly long hours of ink manipulation and, inevitably, the finished article…IMG_0460


… go directly to Doctors office, do not pass go, do not get paid $200 for your troubles…..

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