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From Deep Within My Hard-drive.

Was poking about in my computer this morning… trying to remember how the scanner worked (sorted!) in preparation for scanning & posting stuff from my sketch book…. and I found these….TOONZ Flyers_0001

TOONZ Flyers_0002TOONZ Flyers_0003…unsent, hand drawn postcards from the dark ages…. previously scanned to promote the website that was supposed to contain the 120 plus pages of cartoons that I did whilst in the UK….

Hmm…. maybe its time to revisit that idea….

2 responses to “From Deep Within My Hard-drive.

  1. anthony

    ’tis about time mr renouf…nice.

  2. … another reason to interview me perhaps?…. you know how fond of shameless self promotion for no pecuniary advantage I am.

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