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New Member of Staff

We here at Too Tone Records would like to introduce Zagan Le Mort, a freshly weaned Venezuelan Apocalypse Wolf.

We’re looking forward to her contribution in the roll of Feral Child Exterminator and hope that all our customers will join us in welcoming Zagan to the team….

In fact we recommend that you do so, as once she has eradicated the FC population, she will be become our next persistent customer assistant, in charge of brutalising the askers of silly questions and maiming of serial tire kickers.IMG_0054

(er… this photo was taken a year ago… cant remember whose cat this is …but, Awwwww…)

11 responses to “New Member of Staff

  1. Hannah ⋅

    Hi Tony, it was my cat. I actually learned the day you posted this she died. She got hit by a car. Went missing a few days earlier but we found her body that day. Thank you for the memorial for Bella. Dave linked me to it on Facebook. Kinda crazy actually.

    • Oh my god! Hannah I’m so sorry, the memorial was never intended but is now heartfelt. RIP Bella… your spirit is always welcome in Too Tone.

      • Hannah ⋅

        Sorry to be such a d-buzz in your comments. I think the timing is quite cool actually… From the moment we knew Bella was gone, she got to live on in infamy as Zagan Le Mort, a freshly weaned Venezuelan Apocalypse Wolf. Which is totally awesome. Rock on, little one.

  2. No d-buzz at all…. just a slightly freaked blogger who may only post pictures of inanimate objects from now on. Synchronicity is my all too frequent companion, sometimes not a good friend to have!

    • Hannah ⋅

      Aww. No it’s really given me comfort that she has moved on so fast into her next life and is a werewolf at that. Please keep at it!

  3. anthony

    that is a feckin tragedy…a feckin cute tragedy tho…

  4. …and two weeks later I’m still scared to post pic’s of animate objects.

  5. New Fiend ⋅


    • ….Lol…but only because this is a very old post and no one who was upset by the demise of this cat will notice this reply!….I hope.

      • Hannah ⋅

        Haha it seems I get email notifications every time a comment is added. But I’m still not offended. Happy she is being remembered in an awesome way. H x

      • …you know, that crossed my mind as I pushed the button…” naaah”, said the inner Tony… “that wouldn’t happen”… very fast with the reply, H !!

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