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What’s In The Sack Tony?

A perfectly innocent question… or so one might think.

One should be cautious of putting this question to a known refuse-recycling-depot frequenter because the answer may not be verbal…. the answer may come in the form of said sack being upended on the living room floor in front of you….

Said sack may contain 10 hairdresser apprentice’s practice heads…. they will look very much like real heads as the tumble to the floor (the lack of blood and gore will not act as a visual cue that they are not real heads) …..

You may jump back, screaming and having heart palpitations… and possibly get a bit sweary about the inappropriateness of emptying a sack of (fake) severed heads onto the living room floor on “your watch” …you may tell Tony not to do that ever, ever again….

Tony will take this into consideration and wait for you to go out before arranging the heads in the bath….


… session over, Tony will on sell the heads for a tidy profit.

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