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Here we go again

Wow…. yesterday I was going to catch up on all the stuff I was going to post pre-xmas…

Stuff that went by the board ‘cos my MacGuru came round to wish me seasonal well being (Hi Matt) and stayed for four hours re-building my blog from the ground up ‘cos I’ve been offending everyone on the intraweb with my  HUGE  image files, when he should have been out enjoying the sun shine….

Yesterday was off the hook….

Phone call from an ol’ buddy who I haven’t spoken to for twenty-odd years (Hi Chris)…

Drive-by and visit from another ol’ buddy & his wife, who I get to see once a year if they can find a gap in their busy Xmas visit to these fine shores (Hi John & Tania)….

…and everyone else in the world decided it was a good day to shop for records!


So here’s a picture for you to look at whilst I try and figure out what all these notes that me and Matt scrawled actually mean (Hi Matt)…

Scan 1

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