Doomsday Cults Clean House

Yay….. the world didn’t end and the cults are already ditching their idols down at my local refuse recycling depot…


Ladies & Gentlemen…. Today was a good day to go down the “Tip-shop”…..

O.K…. i’ll admit that only three of the “offerings” were secured today (apple,pear,banana) but I feel justified in “accumulating” the rest, over time, for an such an occasion as this….

Results May Vary

I can laugh about it now. The first day of my current (last, I hope…. but not in an end of the world kinda way!) smoking cessation programme resulted in having to do something with my hands….


… and I’ve been averaging about two pages of manic scribbling a day ever since…

Stay tuned, my hands have stopped shaking enough for me to be working with brushes, ink and coloured pencils again….

End of the World For Sure

So, I came in this morning and fired up the MAC (did I already mention I bought a MAC??) to see if I’d attained more “like” from strangers (all bloggers do that, right?)… only to find this on my blog stats page-IMG_0510

…. now it may not be “end-of-the-world” day where you are just yet, but thanks to the vagaries of international date & time lines, it is HERE …. Also consider the significance of this number to people in or associated with the music industry…. freaky, huh?

Please tell me you all got together and engineered this thru the power of intraweb social media….. or I’m closing up early and going home to hide under a blanket (nice orange, cream and green, NZ made, pure wool double I got from my local refuse recycling depot) till this is all over one way or another.

Six Without Rest


Six frames of most of the recurring “characters” in the sketchbook at the time…. with 60s wallpaper inspired backgrounds… mmmm… patterny.

…. the battle with the new Mac goes on unabated… where the hell is all my stuff?…. why won’t the buttons do what I want them to?

…..customer service declining rapidly…

… swearing at inanimate object increasing exponentially ….

Tiki Gods… sans sheep.


*sigh*…. another preliminary sketch for another A3 work that is languishing in the drawer-of nearly-finished-great-ideas… How the hell did Gauguin get anything done? I mean, here I am stuck in the south pacific, being influenced by all around me and what do I do?…. I put another Maitai in a coconut and go sit under a palm tree instead of hacking away on the drawing board….

What’s In The Sack Tony?

A perfectly innocent question… or so one might think.

One should be cautious of putting this question to a known refuse-recycling-depot frequenter because the answer may not be verbal…. the answer may come in the form of said sack being upended on the living room floor in front of you….

Said sack may contain 10 hairdresser apprentice’s practice heads…. they will look very much like real heads as the tumble to the floor (the lack of blood and gore will not act as a visual cue that they are not real heads) …..

You may jump back, screaming and having heart palpitations… and possibly get a bit sweary about the inappropriateness of emptying a sack of (fake) severed heads onto the living room floor on “your watch” …you may tell Tony not to do that ever, ever again….

Tony will take this into consideration and wait for you to go out before arranging the heads in the bath….


… session over, Tony will on sell the heads for a tidy profit.

Sunday Arvo melting down.

Oh, man its a slow day… even for a Sunday…. It’s well into the 20s (Celsius)… so everyone has buggered off to the beach.

Typical, a few cracks in the pack-ice and everyone in Dunedin is suddenly overcome with the urge to strip down to their long-johns, cover any resulting exposed areas with SP100 goo and risk frost bite/ skin cancer instead of buying records….

Hell… if I’d got up a little earlier I coulda gone and hung out in my favourite junkyard in Laramie, Wy….um… It’s not that far, I’m sure I could get back by Tuesday…


Sheep and Tiki Gods

Spent ages (well, 20 minutes actually… which is ages when you should be mowing the lawn….)  this morning going thru the sketchbook I’ve just finished, sorting out pages fit to publish…..Sketchboo01_0001

… haven’t quite got the settings where I want them but you get the idea I’m sure….

…unless you’re like me and can’t quite figure out why the Tiki gods have been mingled with a flock of sheep….or vice versa.

I guess its better that I draw stuff than “act-out”…… owners of sheep and Tiki Gods for miles around would be pissed if this was an installation rather than an illustration…..

….and I’d be wearing a coat that does up at the back.