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Impractical Applications for Hand Painted Numbers and 70s Wallpaper

….couldn’t resist either of these finds and have been enjoying having the house to myself over the holiday break… room to spread crap out without the sighs or clicking of tongues….IMG_0641

…3/4 of a roll of 70s wallpaper (predominantly orange… the best kind! ) and a set of hand painted numbers from a some sort of Olde Worlde  sports club (leave some pencil on them son… show the buggers they’re done by hand)…..IMG_0645

… could the wallpaper be cut into 3 and be mounted on board…. could hooks be placed at  artful intervals to accommodate various arrangements of the numbers (40 + in the set)….Hmm?…Hmm?..


…could my friends and relatives have justified cause for sending for the nice man from the UK who specialises in talking hoarders out of their caves…. (only if they catch me doing weird stuff like this)….

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