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When the Cats Away

Somewhere, deep in the back of what passes for my mind, this little project has been percolating…

…I’m sure that it is high on the priority list of every Bored-record-shop-owner to stockpile quantities of weapons grade, pure NZ wool blankets & crocheted knee throws…. (not to mention premium quality “looking-cushions”)…



… until one day , when your flat mate has left you unsupervised and in the company of a more easily led friend , you “Christo” the living room…



… please tell me everyone aspires to this….my freedom in the greater community depends on it.



… all back to “normal” and having a nice cuppa in under an hour and a half.

2 responses to “When the Cats Away

  1. PAMO

    Good thing you didn’t leave behind any evidence…. 😉
    (I really dig your Christo vision.)

    • …cheers Pamo…must admit to seeing you’d clicked on it and not remembering what it was all about!…now I’m trying to figure out what I did with all those nice wooly blankets….hmmm…

      …back to work Pamo…. : )

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