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Yoof and Arty

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Check to see if your boss is any where close, this may take some explaining…..

… coast clear?….

Right…. Yoof and Arty are a couple of characters that developed out of too much time spent with cousin Phil… Phil came up with their names to use as the title  for a  troubled-youth arts collective from the North of England who were making band badges to keep themselves off the dole and out of jail… Yoof Arty Productions was the handle … (say “Yoof Arty “, fast, several times…)…… that’s about the level we function at as a drinking/creating force!…

… so, we needed this title to grace the top of a letter head, a letter that explained that my good friend Dee had ordered 1000 badges for her band whilst visiting me in the UK… Phil had already “acquired” the art work from their album cover/logo off the intraweb and got 100 badges made up real cheap… we sent 50 of these (Phil wanted the other 50 to glue into beer bottle caps… I dunno, you ask him…) to Dee’s bands manager, explaining that they were a sample only and balance of the badges would be sent upon receipt of a ridiculously large sum of money, as arranged with Dee before she returned to NZ…

… the letter was signed by Gaz Illion, had a laughable address (that may or may not have been the fictitious British seaside town – Wankton Hanky)…. and contained a disclaimer in the fine print that denied any involvement  on mine or Phils part whatsoever…

….the manager guy  only saw the bit about owing said ridiculous sum… (we’ll not name him, but he now reads all the fine print on everything)… hook, line & sinker..

Dee was appraised of managers resulting demeanour in the local supermarket by another band member…. she had no idea what was going on…

Heh heh heh.

…so Yoof and Arty were born… it was quickly decided that all their adventures would start with getting some form of licence from their cereal…. but you already know that….

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