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Your Secret’s Shared By Me

…ever wondered where those kinda-famous folk get their embarrassing records from…

… lets call them “Trevor” to protect their identity…

You know the ones of which I speak… “Trevor” may our may not have run several record labels…. “Trevor” may or may not have something to do with several different nationally broadcast radio shows…. “Trevor” is never seen to buy anything of dubious repute from any of his favourite local record haunts… “Trevors”s local vinyl-pusher-guy will swear blue-blind that “Trevor” didn’t acquire that particular piece of horrifyingly-commercial product from their premises… when questioned “Trevor” will claim he was looking for something from the groups more underground period, when they were known by a different name, but would make do with this because no one was watching his every move….IMG_0638


… except me… and I certainly wouldn’t ask “Trevor ” to pose for a photo with something he couldn’t possibly buy at home for fear of a reduction in street-cred … then post it on my blog… nope… nu-uh… not on my watch.

“Trevor”s real identity is available in a hushed whisper from the terribly-kept-secrets department at Too Tone records for a modest fee…. or, for an immodest fee, can be stricken from the record permanently.

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