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Curse you tip shop!

…curse you for you have made me question faith…IMG_0668…how can the man who gave us the little baby Jesus have also given us dinosaurs, moose / hunting and, if you look to the small bronze statuette in the bottom left of the picture…. the enema????

…before all you amateur theologians  inundate me with scripture quotes and the like, please note that the above is a rhetorical question …. (although  if you can identify the grouping of pink hands hanging from the moose antlers, I’d appreciate a note)

This collection of items is displayed upon my toilet cistern so I contemplate them on a regular basis and will probably figure this out for myself.

2 responses to “Curse you tip shop!

  1. anthony

    I have noted in the past that keeping a target ABOVE the toilet is not a good thing…


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