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The Advent of the EYE

…over here in New Zealand we have a lovely image that graces our tobacco packaging…it is supposed to put us off smoking… it’s a giant eyeball, being held open by metal, medical clampy things… it is remeniscent of Mr Jackson’s rendition of Mr Tolkein’s all seeing eye from LOTR….we mainly just laugh at it….at one point I was trying to accumulate enough copies of it to wallpaper the toilet….Scan 13…it soon came to pass that it replaced the international “no-smoking” symbol in the sketches (blatant rip-offs?) of USSR propaganda posters I was playing with….


2 responses to “The Advent of the EYE

  1. tenpens ⋅

    That’s awesome, I really like where you’re going with the propaganda; the opening panel really highlights that.

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