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When Good Ideas Go Unused

Wow, I said, to my good friend Dee…. you know that band you’re in with Chris & Sam…. yeah… the one called SCuD (Sam, Chris und Dee..get it?)…well, I’ve designed a poster for you…..

Scan 17…oh, says Dee, Sam is our resident artiste, he does all our posters….

…well…. I’ll just use it to confuse people by putting it up with “generic” info’ on it….
Scan 3…or not as the case may eventuate ’cause I cant be arsed getting the copies done or mixing the paste and my legs are only painted on.

… thankfully I’ve got  the intraweb so it wont be a complete waste of paper and pencils……

2 responses to “When Good Ideas Go Unused

  1. Cool art work man!
    I’ll be keeping an eye out for your stuff

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