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What the

… hell is he up to now?IMG_0729


…its pouring with rain and the guy who “administers” the near derelict buildings across the street, has been taking photos of the interior of his lean-to shed…. for over an hour…and now he’s taking photos of …. me?…



…he’s doing it again!!!….



….I hope he likes what he sees.

2 responses to “What the

  1. dinkerson

    I’ve thought of this post and laughed several times over the last few days. It almost had to be staged. If it was, then it’s funny that you were so bored that you went to the trouble. If it wasn’t, then it was just an epic moment of coincidence.

  2. …totally unstaged I assure you … the gentleman in question is considered to be not entirely wired the same way as the rest of us… he does some very strange stuff…. a whole parcel of posts worth of odd goings on….
    ….stay tuned… (unless I get sued… there will be more!)

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