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A Cunning Disguise

…blistering hot for last week here in the Riviera of the Antarctic, Dunedin, where anything over 15 degrees Celsius is considered to be caused by global warming..

…it’s so hot I’ve taken to not wearing shoes in the shop… and before the smart asses chime in, no, I don’t have stinky feet….never have… (although, post cig’s, with a returning sense of smell I might be making myself a liar on that one…)…

… it’s so hot I’ve even had to change hats… the only one I’ve got that isn’t in cool-rekkid-shop black is my anonymity hat…it’s the only hat I have with the nice breathy-mesh stuff at the back…


… what in the blue blazes is an anonymity hat???… yeah, I can hear thinking that….


…when you habitually wear the “same” clothes, day in day out, in a reasonably public capacity (Black Hat, Black T, Black Hoodie, Blue Jeans, Steel cap boots….work in the record shop) for as many years as I have,people do not recognise you if mess with your “uniform”….

….wearing the hat above and an army surplus khaki shirt I’ve walked, in a straight line,  to within 2 metres of a very close friend without them recognising me!… he wasn’t even one of my blind/unobservant friends …

…to save confusion amongst my regular customers, I’ve transferred the official Too-Tone skull & cross-bones tie pin onto  the anonymity hat for the duration of this heatwave.

2 responses to “A Cunning Disguise

  1. advara

    The anonymity hat doesn’t work …I recognised you as soon as I walked in the shop this arvo! Dark glasses or a terroristastic balaclava is what you need, although maybe not in this weather eh?

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