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Rebranding For Wealth And Prosperity

…oh boy, it is quiet today…. this run of fine weather has all the punters out playing at the beach or some such similar outdoor pursuit…. my brain is healing over with boredom…..

…so I’ve decided to re-brand as a fast food outlet…. everyone eats, therefore it stands to reason that I will earn a lot more money  if I become restaurant that sells burgers and fries that will make your kids shut-up and fat….

…you can call me Ron…IMG_0786

….have a nice day.

6 responses to “Rebranding For Wealth And Prosperity

  1. dinkerson

    Technically, can it be not a comment if posted in the comment box.
    Kind of like are these real questions because I didn’t give them question marks.

    I’m just askin’/sayin’.

  2. This is fast becoming my fave ever blog, could read it all day 🙂 gotta get me one of those T’s, (without the Ron though 🙂 )

    • ..very kind words indeed… am having fun doing it… stops me from worrying about the biz… the t-shirts are out of print at the moment (keep spending the money on records!)…. but will give everyone a heads up when they’re on the go again…

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