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Another Kind Of Window In Another Time And Place

….that delivery off-sider job I mentioned the other day…. it took me places… cruising the highways and (mainly) byways of Dorset, U.K…..

…you notice things when you look up (and aren’t responsible for the direction of the truck)…


… noticed the attic window as we hurtled thru this quaint little village, all stone houses, many with thatched roofs…no time to stop and confirm what I saw….went back a year or so later, whilst showing my good friend Dee my favourite haunts…

… yep, it’s what I thought it was….. and it’s still there


4 responses to “Another Kind Of Window In Another Time And Place

  1. dinkerson

    I can’t believe that this blog remains virtually undiscovered! I think you’re brilliant.
    Consider me a fan.

  2. stebaxter ⋅

    Wow, good eyesight. Looks like it’s been left high and dry though. Just found your blog and I’m really quite taken with your view on the world.

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