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The Thing About Looking Up In The UK

…always look up…IMG_4046

…on a day trip to Salisbury Cathedral, to go on a tour of the steeple… I noticed the statue of Jesus…right at the top of the facade…. in the centre…

….could that be dandruff?…

IMG_4034…or maybe one of those lovely inflight-neck-pillow things… you know the ones, they look practical and comfortable but ,within the first five minutes of use, feel like they’re trying to choke you from behind…

…not the sort of thing you’d be expecting Jesus to be wearing even if he is up there for the long haul…


… nope…it’s pigeons….


….we get invisible,miniature devils & angels to help us make moral decisions….

…Jesus gets pigeons..

…where do I apply for the secular, feathered option?

4 responses to “The Thing About Looking Up In The UK

  1. Elena ⋅

    But note the pigeon repellers at the very top of the halo!!

  2. Oooo…nice spotting E’…but I’m sure you’ll find thats the aerial for Jesus’ WiFi…

  3. V ⋅

    Isn’t it a unique characterstic of NZ birds to have those ‘wattle’ things (like on Tui and Kokako). These look like Jesus’ wattles.

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