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4 responses to “Eyeball! Eyeball! Eyeball!

  1. V ⋅

    You selling this one too tone? I like it

    • …sell?…er…SELL?…… that would mean cutting out of the book…. um… maybe when I’m ready to exhibit…. (sell?)…

      • V ⋅

        Well yes. You’d have to remove it from the book. Then you’d have to hand it over to me. In return I would give you some money – however much you asked for it – bearing in mind if you asked too much I just wouldn’t give you anything and you wouldn’t give me the picture. Its kind of like the deals you do wif the records in that shop thingee you run, ya kno? But if you don’t want to part with them yet I do understand. I will just admire online.

      • …oh, I get it… sorry V, but no amount of money will get me to part with art at this point… stay tuned, you have first dibs.

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