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Official Day Of The Eyeball

… having a morbid fascination with smoking paraphernalia post-smoking may or may not be healthy….

…managed to get at least an hours worth of self amusement from cutting the “eyeballs” off of a tobaco packet…. IMG_0794


… took me at least half that time to figure you could put two in one frame….



… unfortunately I only had the one packet so I couldn’t go to two to a frame…

…all  accumulations of cig’ packet eyeballs gratefully  received at 29 North Rd, Dunedin….

…accumulators of real eyeballs need not respond in any way, shape or form.

7 responses to “Official Day Of The Eyeball

  1. stebaxter ⋅

    The eyes have it

  2. They say two eyes are better than one but I don’t think they mean per socket. Whoever THEY are.

  3. V ⋅

    You still want eyeballs? I have lots.

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