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I Hope He Made It

… out of there in one piece…IMG_0788


… you know… the over-the-road-landlord-guy…I never saw him leave the shed after he took those photos the other day…. (see post titled “What The”)…


…actually, he’s fine… and great excitement buzzes round the ‘hood as the shops across the way get prepped for their first tenants in more than 7 years!…I’ll miss Howard’s white ware mountain, which he’s going to clean up and turn back into a laundromat (not holding breath, sorry Howard!)… Wont miss the constant comings and goings of people too lazy to walk round the corner to the public toilets…eewww.

…yep… really bored today.



2 responses to “I Hope He Made It

    • too… although I tried twice to get into that building awhile back and he was the most unhelpful landlord I’d ever dealt with!…really didn’t seem to want my money at all…??

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