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TooTone Unplugged

…the best laid plans of mice and record shop guys….IMG_0801

….was aiming for another in the series of Duck! Duck! Duck! illustrations that I’ve been posting… but have my first dose of retail malaise for the year… feel like crap… haven’t been able to encourage creativity to come out the end of any of my pens and pencils for nearly three days…

…Dunedin is a University Town…. we have a large itinerant population of students,academics and their families…. they come and go at various times of the year….. when ever they  arrive back in town there is a wave of illness as they bring in the current flu like diseases from around New Zealand and the World….

…I find it not unusual to feel slightly off colour every 5-6 weeks during the academic year…it’s been like this for me for years, both working at the Uni’ and in music retail…comes with the territory…

…wouldn’t mind so much if whatever I’ve got would lay me out flat… so flat that all I could do is feebly ask for water or pain-killers in a croaky, whisper of a voice… or if I was fountaining bodily fluids from either or both ends (oops, sorry… have been described in the past as writing with a “scatological-mace” and forget to warn people…. as an aside I hope they mean mace as in “large-heavy-club”, not Mace as in “spray-in-your-eyes” defensive stuff…)…but all I get are vague symptoms of the “parent” disease that has everyone else heading for the duvet with a sipper cup of herbal tea…I’m always able to kid myself that I’m good to go down to the shop and deal with the harsh reality that is secondhand music retail…

…am I ok to work?…

…not really, not under the cloud of this perpetual floaty feeling…my brain is trapped in a body that won’t respond to the simplest of requests in a reasonable time frame… I’ve got the mental enthusiasm to start something but lack any cohesive means to complete tasks… conversations start coherently but soon deteriorate  as my attention drifts (some would say I do that any way…especially now that I blog all the time)…. shouldn’t have come to work, should I?… nope…but ain’t no one to give me sick days off except my good friend Dee…who has it too!….

…. now I find myself at the bottom of a post that took 3 1/2 hours to write and I’m not entirely sure what it was about or if  I’ve the concentration span to read through it to find out…. deep breath….

….I push the button anyway.

3 responses to “TooTone Unplugged

  1. Feel better soon !!! I hate malaise

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