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More Stuff I Couldn’t Believe

…wow.. another amazing show and tell at Too Tone Records…

…apologies for the quality of the photos…I will endeavour not to rush next time I’m shown stuff like this so I can share properly!..

…guy walks into the shop holding the scruffiest plastic shopping bag I’ve ever had the horror of being presented with in my entire record shop career…

…he pulls out these…

(click for enlargement)



… a series of children’s books/records that were produced between the “great” wars… the condition wasn’t flash, but “mint” isn’t going to be a grading you’ll often use with children’s records that have been shared, used and loved by 4 generations of the same family!!…


…and the piece de resistance..



…six discs contained in one cover…




…six picture discs….



…six double sided picture discs… by an illustrator whose name is on the tip of my tongue… had one of her books as a kid…dug out of a musty storage cupboard by some  great-aunt or other to keep me amused and then given as a good pacifier…

…stunning stuff… and only fleetingly in my hands as I had to admit to the seller that they’d do a lot better on the international market…nabbed these photos to show to my regular kid’s record hound….but he nearly keeled over when I told him their realistic value…

… yay being in the middle of no where… but yay e-bay for the guy that owned them!

4 responses to “More Stuff I Couldn’t Believe

  1. dinkerson

    Hmmm, I wonder what the value is. Imma have to keep an eye on ebay for just in case he decides to list them on a one day auction under “kitchen appliances”.

    • …after some digging around on the web, me and the guy who bought them in were stunned to see the value…even for stuff that wasn’t in great condition… not retire-early money, but certainly more than a working guy can earn in a week!…

  2. Elena ⋅

    Amazing what’s out there. Illustrations are a bit like Beatrix Potter, and a bit more like Kate Greenaway, to my eye. Love the literate goose!

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