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Lost-One Dread Head

…don’t want to freak any one out or anything but I’ve misplaced my good friend Jungle Fari….

…he’s not exceedingly dangerous unless you’re a good cup of coffee or an organic vegetable…but don’t make any sudden movements just to be on the safe side….IMG_0197


…this is the most recent photo I have of him…his hair is probably longer by now….(nice shirt)

…the last three times he’s called to say he’s gonna visit, he hasn’t turned up…

…so if you see him… maybe give him some clear instructions of how to get to the shop…(you might want to enunciate clearly and gesture a bit as his hearing is suffering from him being a world famous DJ…)

…it would be nice to see him again…he’s a top bloke.

4 responses to “Lost-One Dread Head

  1. No sign of him here on Vancouver Island.

  2. dinkerson

    I’ve had a look around Arkansas and Kansas.
    Thought I’d seen ‘im once. All naked and strung out.
    Damn mirrors.

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