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If You Had To Make A List

…and you had had a broken wrist…

…that after patient waiting…

…had been released from plaster….

…but still needed casual  strapping…

…to circumvent disaster…


…where oh where would you write that list for easy access whilst in the super market….





…my good friend Dee now puts the brace on before she writes the list….

(I don’t think  anyone need comment that I’m never allowed to do rhyming posts ever again)

5 responses to “If You Had To Make A List

  1. dinkerson

    Well… I’ll tell you this; if you were only allowed one post that had words that rhymed, you’d still have one post left. 🙂

  2. hophya

    What you did is great. 🙂 Awkward use of language and ideas are pretty. 🙂

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