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8 inches of Shellac

…another day, another format that you’ve only read about…..



…ladies and gentlemen… the “new” eight inch record…




….not only are they “electrically”recorded but they offer you a playing duration equal to a 10” record!!…

..they contain the dulcet tones of Jack Lumsdaine and /or the soothing timbre of The “Broadcast” Salon Orchestra of Australia….while they are not scratched they are very well loved…still playable but not free of surface noise as promised on the sleeve…




…. and this one has a lovely border of swastikas….

….so I’m hoping it’s pre-1938 or so …

…but considering the attitudes of some of our antipodean brethren that may not be the case.

6 responses to “8 inches of Shellac

  1. I am going to bring in my collection of Second Hand MP3’s – Fair Condition.

  2. … hang on to them for another 80 years… let them age… and in 80 years I may have become familiar enough with the format to be able to pay a fair price!

  3. Electically recorded . . . well, you know back in the day they used to just round up a bunch of rats and put them in a wheel to power the recording studio. Damn science put all those poor rat wranglers out of work . . .

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