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Fishrider Visit


Ian from Fishrider records was in on the weekend…

…. he showed me an “innovative” way to merchandise collectable NZ music…


…have had to disagree with him and would humbly suggest that this method is far more affective…


….you have to be able to see the logo on the t-shirt, Ian!

…and not putting 3-400 bucks worth of kiwi music on that dirty floor should also be considered an integral part of clinching that triple figure sale.

(…might just be my imagination, but every time Ian visits the shop, another post appears on the “unauthorised-too-tone-records” facebook page…

…he couldn’t be responsible….

…could he?…)

2 responses to “Fishrider Visit

  1. masqua

    Gotta agree… it’s a sin to spread them on the floor, but I’m also old enough to remember my Stones, Johhny Winter and Steppenwolf records spread all over a carpet green with shake. Ah… those days are only a purple hazy memory.

    Hey, you ever listened to The Black Angels out of Texas? Man… but they remind me of it all. Seeing them play Toronto in April and will be spinning their new release weeks afterwards.

    • …name sounds familiar….will go dig them up on the intra web…so much music,…so little brain space!…
      (the carpet was clean by the way…just teasing Ian for putting these on the floor for a photo!)

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