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Found Art

…haven’t mentioned my favourite shopping destination for quite some time…

…lets hear it for the Tip Shop… provider of momentary pleasure from other folks trash…

…or, if you’re there at the right time, source of retro wall coverings…

…in oil…



…or ceramic….



…or wood and fibre…



…or, if you’re lucky, acrylic on silk…





…they only come in shades of blue and brown though….

…at these prices you cannot complain and should organise your decor accordingly.

14 responses to “Found Art

  1. dinkerson

    And… by god, who’s complaining? I might almost steal a puppies joy for the day just to have some of that art.

    Eh, I coined that fraise… like just now, in my head. And now I’m realizing that I pluralized the rather than making possessive. And it generally sucks.

  2. …”steal a puppies joy”… yup, that pretty much fraised me too…
    …glad you like ’em Dink…stay tuned for the “prints” gallery and things I read from the tip library….

    • dinkerson

      At least I do try hard. You know, at spelling and using the right words and such foolery.

      And all this trying must be why my literary blog failed.

      • …is the literary blog still up… man …the way you write with your photos… it cant be as bad as you make out….
        (also … where’s your spell check button?… mine underlines and pulls my ass out of the “bad speller hall of fame” all the time…)

  3. Stealing joy from pups… hehehe
    Your posts (and comments) never fail to give me a giggle…

  4. dinkerson

    And on a slightly respectful and pointless note (and because I’m bored in my hotel room), I’ve done a bit of research on the painter of the flower oil.
    Her name was Lorna Mortimer Hormann. She was from Dunedin, New Zealand. And she died July 1st, 2012. She was 101. Some of her work was or still is exhibited at the OAS art museum. I don’t believe that there’s anything else to be known of her.
    See? You really have you something there.

    • Wow… nice research…always forget that the intraweb is full of everything!!… had most of those details passed on by the tip-shop attendant… a fellow fossicker had I.D.d the painting but deemed it not re-saleable at a profit!… one of my regulars is a member of the OAS and says she was a game ol’ bird!…

    • Pat Rodgers ⋅

      Lorna was my mother She passed away 1st july 2012 my family have some paintings she has done over the years and value them so very much , she drew a pen and indian ink picture of a cat at 12 years old the cat gave her a wide berth from that day on . thankyou

  5. Pat Rodgers ⋅

    nice to see my mother lorna hormann has her art work all around the world , miss her

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