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Smile You’ve Got 100 Followers


…to celebrate 100 followers, another sunny day in Dunedin, 2 big sales before afternoon tea and the fact that, after many years of neglect, my teeth have only 3 minor holes and a root canal, here is a picture of my smile…



…got left unsupervised at the dentist… turned round to discover this behind me… it’s the inside of my head! …

…I was expecting it to look more cluttered than it does.

9 responses to “Smile You’ve Got 100 Followers

  1. The teeth can stay but the gums have got to come out Sir.

  2. dinkerson

    The teeth look fine sir, but you’ve some cavities in your brains.
    And this picture makes your nostrils look big. Just sayin’.
    That being said, your smile is contagious.

  3. hamzah al-jumaily ⋅

    Dam that dentist did a good job

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