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… one of my favourite street images from around Dunedin…IMG_0864


…these guys used to be everywhere…

…haven’t seen any new ones for awhile…

…the artist has either moved on…

…or been locked up indefinitely for their crimes against others property.

2 responses to “Giraffe

  1. reretro

    it’s a great image.

    where i live we have a laneway of street art, with changeable panels, lit at night and wine and cheese openings. very urbane. and supported by the local council which is the really remarkable thing. sydney, australia…not known for innovative happenings…

    • …had a similar laneway here in Dunedin… great art on beautiful red brick…. all unsanctioned so the City Council painted over it in brick red paint then coated the whole alley in anti graffiti paint!!!…. I’d get mad , but appreciate the impermanence of street art….buy some kids some spray cans today!!

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