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Stingray Stingray Dideda Da Da Daaa

…just spent 10 minutes trying to transcribe the horn stab from the theme tune of the “Stingray” TV show…

…time well spent to introduce these pic’s…

…my good friend Dee burst into the crib claiming sightings of a great sea monster frolicking in the bay and suggesting that I abandon my comfy chair to document said sighting with my camera….IMG_0854IMG_0853IMG_0852


…was fascinated by the mouth as, during my stay in the UK, I’d collected a healthy handful of fossilised stingray “teeth” grinder plates from Highcliff beach in Dorset…(must tell you all about that some time)….

…unfortunately he wasn’t particularly alive… and in failing light the clarity of the shots is not the best….

..but a cool find all the same.

4 responses to “Stingray Stingray Dideda Da Da Daaa

  1. I now have the Sting Ray Theme as an Ear Worm, actually only the horn stabs and STINGRAY … I cannot remember the rest if there was, off to YouTube I go. Really exciting to see up close I bet, like the new X-Ray banner, is there a Ray theme building here?

    • …”he dives under the sea, into the world below, shrouded in mystery…. dee dee de dee….”
      …it’s an awesome tune from the bongo intro to the vocal break… absolute solid gold gem from the Barry Gray Orchestra…. I’ve got it on a 10″ disc of Anderson studio themes…
      …no ray theme building that I’m aware of… …unless you count the customer-death-ray that I’m working on.

  2. the mouth on that thing looks ridiK man! Holy crap.. Where was that.. just laying on the beach like you said??

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