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Walking Down the Street

…on the side of the road where there’s been a kind of a yard-sale going on the last couple weekends….

…a guy was sitting on the old couch part of the old lounge suite.. I greet him, I know him …he’s been in the shop,…

…I glance down…IMG_0874IMG_0875IMG_0880IMG_0881IMG_0882


…these are on the ground, next to the hedge…

…the Tui and the Piwakawaka (fantail) are two of my favourite NZ birds (the Kokako will always remain my number one… check his call!)

…they are approx’ 25cm in diameter, hand painted and signed by the artist in pokerwork….

…I only had bus fare in my pocket… “home-from-the-dentist-clutching-my-aching-face” bus fare…

…he accepted my half price offer..

…had no fillings, so I walked home without pain but with treasure.

4 responses to “Walking Down the Street

  1. They say a bird in the hand is … Well what’s two worth? Nice story.

  2. Argh I’ve been undergoing dentistry for over a year and am finally sorted (for now 🙂 ) so I sympathise, the plates are beautiful and I like how you’ve homed in on the details. ( I came from Dink BTW )

    • ..wish I could take more credit for their beauty than just finding them in the street!…dentistry ain’t so bad for me…I’ve a huge tolerance for pain (unusually high according to my Doc’)…
      …all followers of Dink’ welcome… had already seen your blog under the tag “junkyard”, love abandoned buildings, and was pleasantly surprised to “re-discover” you and your project… I thought it hadn’t continued because it wasn’t turning up where I was waiting for it!!…
      …welcome aboard.

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