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The Other Side Of the Tracks

…when CD roms go bad…IMG_4624


…this one from the “main street” side of the tracks in Lordsburg, New Mexico, USA….

…note tracks in fore ground… having learnt my lesson elsewhere I remained on the south side…

…another great little town circumvented by an interstate…

…me and my good friend Dee had a damn fine cup of coffee and the best cherry pie we tasted on that trip….

…coulda been in Twin Peaks.

9 responses to “The Other Side Of the Tracks

  1. dinkerson

    What all states have you and will you be traveling through?

    • ..aww Dink’… I been everywhere, man… but that was a few years back… my apologies if my writing “tense” gives the impression that I’m still over there… have been predominantly in the southwest, mainly Arizona and New Mexico…but have also ridden the rails from POrtland across the top to NY then down to New Orleans and out thru LA…
      …if I win the lottery I’ll be back…. a lot of music and scenery to catch up with still….

  2. Loving the signage series, I’m always travelling in my head too, don’t feel quite happy unless I got a trip planned and booked.

  3. stebaxter ⋅

    Got to say, there really aren’t enough Twin Peaks references out there

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