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Now That I Know I Can Say Bad Words

…we were watching a documentary on an aspiring vocalist with Tourette’s…

…got to thinking about my bad mouth…

…and how I’ve always wanted to steal & warp Andy’s soup cans to my own ends…

…put all three elements together and….

Scan 108

…a bit of practice with the lettering…(tongue out corner of mouth)…

Scan 109

…was envisaging a whole series, like the ones I saw in Pittsburgh…IMG_1092

Scan 110

…decided that I’d only do one in colour…


…and then I moved on to the next thing.

15 responses to “Now That I Know I Can Say Bad Words

  1. Elephant

    My observation is that people don’t like to “Like” blog posts that are “controversial” – this is pretty timid – but . . . I think you addressed an issue – so here is my comment and my “Like”

  2. cpm ⋅

    tourette’s alphabet soup?
    child friendly cusstard
    what are you cooking next tone?

    • …cusstard…love it!!!… wish it were mine…
      …tangents are many…just getting to the end of all the stuff I wanted to ink and colour in the first sketchbook..
      so many pages of bad ideas from smoking cessation madness….

  3. This is very funny to me, LIKE LIKE – more rude please : D

  4. quo1

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Yes, I am inspired by strange things. You can find the rules for accepting the award

    I’ll also take this opportunity to apologize for the effort you will have to expend in accepting the award if you choose to do so. It takes a while, but is worth it to the blog community (that’s what they’ve told me, anyway). Regardless, thanks for making the blogworld more inspiring in your own way. Congrats, and thanks!


    • ….awww…cheers Quo1… am not really an awards kind of guy (you all know they are just chain letters don’t you??…)…but thank you for YOUR inspiring work, it appears at the bottom of my “reader” quota every day and never fails to make me laugh or scratch my head…or both….
      …look forward to your continued amusement and mine, from your stuff…

      • quo1

        And like a good chain letter, I know what happens when you break the chain — death to someone in Africa or Antarctica or some other place. I’m not going to have that on my conscience. Now I’m safe. You, on the other hand, are flirting with becoming a murderer. But I don’t judge. I have lots of friends who are murderers. Or is that marauders? I forget. Peace.

      • …I’ve broken lots of chain letters in the course of my existence on this planet… none appear to have bought me any misfortune… why, here I sit with my own business, working 6 days a week, surrounded by spiralling debt, with little prospect of earning enough money food…
        … oh.

  5. stebaxter ⋅

    Nice one. Well worth producing the series of paintings.

    On a side note, a friend and I once drove through a village in France called Tourette and laughed ourselves silly swearing as we did so.

  6. Oh man! That was good. “National Government”…That one made me blush.

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