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So Which One Is It Derek?

…Derek is over in NZ at the moment…from the U.K….

…travelling with the English Cricket Team in his capacity as Cricket Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph newspaper…IMG_0912


…cricket guys are renowned for their elephantine memories for facts, figures and exact quantities of seagulls on the pitch during the test at Eden Park in 1482…

…second innings..

..they are scarier, knowledgewise, than your average record geek….



…but do you think he could remember which Underdogs album he owned….

…I’m sure he will have it written down next time he’s in town.

..many thanks to the sports photographer who accompanied Derek on his second visit (damn I’ve forgotten his name…sorry man)…he not only caught the action for us on my camera but drove Derek to and from the “out-of-hours” visit (cricket first) and dropped me to my dental appointment, thus enabling Derek to spend an extra 20 minutes ruminating on the holes in his collection.

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