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Bloody Tourists

…will take pictures of damn near anything!…

…here’s Jasper, from Hamburg, Germany , taking a snap of the rubber stamp I use to brand the bags that you take your Too-Tone  Records purchases  home in…IMG_0914


…his reasoning being that his GF, a print maker whose works require her to walk up and down on them to make the finished article, would have an easier artistic life if she employed this technique…

…not quite sure how walking up and down on a rubber stamp will make it easier (less wear and tare on her shoes?) but I’m always happy to share technological advances with all who ask.


(Hi Jasper, Hope you made it home safe and sound….regards to Marie….see you both next time you’re in town)

8 responses to “Bloody Tourists

  1. Like the 10cc reference too.

  2. I won’t tell anybody that it references their hit song Rubber Stamps.

  3. Oh God, I AM that tourist.

    obviously not really cos I’m a girly type. But in spirit.

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