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And Then It Struck Me

…that the fat floaty guys should have two heads to represent the duality of politics….


(caution, contains swears)

Scan 113


…or that, all things considered,  most of the” boys-club-bullshit” organisations that I dislike & rail against could be represented by bloated two headed monsters…

…because thats what they are

…and Elvis?… well, ‘cos he’s Elvis, I guess.

6 responses to “And Then It Struck Me

  1. I really like where you are going with these, it so interesting. The duality of banking (or corporate) interests with politicos all wrapped up as faceless men in suits perfectly represents fascism to me. It’s getting more angry and more frustrated. Buy long sell short, the left hand not noticing what the right hand is doing, really interesting symbolism. I like swearing in comics, it’s real and it’s like an expression of passion and I get that the c**t word is the most outrageous, therefore v.passionate, although I’m wondering if that particular word is too loaded with the wrong baggage. Just thinking that, has distracted me, hmm you have to work that problem out yourself I guess – really looking forward to the next one : )

    • …it’s building to something cohesive and ongoing in a mouth-wide-open-in-disbelief kinda way…governments in general continue to make themselves look ridiculous…we continue to vote for them despite social media highlighting their every faux pas….
      … c**t always seems naughtier/acceptable for general viewing if you spell it with stars… it’s just a word after all… have watched it go from bad word to not spoken bad word to spoken by those who have one (mm hmm that makes it all right) bad word to reclaimed by the proud to swear bad word to appearing in an HBO series bad word in the course of my life… it still pleases the middle classes to read it with ** so they can still have a giggle but not have to avert their eyes… who am I to deny them their illicit pleasure!
      Cheers for you input … have been trying not to analyse it all too much myself…. that would probably drive me back to smoking!… stay tuned it gets better/worse…

  2. Elvis got fat. Is that why he is in there? They say two heads are better than one … But who are THEY?

    • …THEY are trying to normalise the two-headed look… soon we will be bombarded with infomercials and a reality show about exclusive Two-head “therapy” clinics in far off 3rd world countries…
      …Elvis, if you’re not aware, was a surviving twin….his “brother” having “died” in infancy…. I would suggest that he’s a surviving conjoined twin…the twin being his other head…. (go ye forth and track down a copy of “Basketcase”, a fine tale of conjoined twins and the hi-jinx that they can achieve when separated…..
      …oh yeah… bored in a record shop today!

      • Jeepers the boredom is getting intense dear heart. Peter Cook’s “I Was An Only Twin” is looking down at me from the bookshelf. It is cold here. It way be next on the burner. I ran out of pulp fiction.

      • …oops… the textual version of climbing the walls… apologies… it was the little two headed apparition on my shoulder, spurred me on….
        …if only we could burn blogs, the world would be a warmer place…

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