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Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty Against Notebooks

…had to report this guy…IMG_0917

…he left his notebook on top of his car and walked away…

…put my head out the door before I took the pic’… coulda had that notebook for my very own…he’d gone round the corner…

…for those of you unfamiliar with the markings on the car ‘cos you’re not from round here…

…said notebook abuser is a member of the constabulary ….

…they were conducting a “re-education” programme for people running amber lights at the nearby intersection…

….using the 30 minute parks outside my shop for a processing lay-by …

…the second guy they pulled up had a long and heated discussion with them and they departed soon after…

…the word “entrapment” may have been bandied about.

8 responses to “Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty Against Notebooks

  1. What’s with the surfboard?

  2. …no, no…thats the flashing light thingy… the cops down here always put their boards diagonally in the back seat… makes it a more uncomfortable ride for perp’s…

  3. fishriderrecords ⋅

    Golden rule of enforcement officer notebooks is NEVER LEAVE YOUR NOTEBOOK UNATTENDED.

    Fail to see how catching amble gamblers is ‘entrapment’. The term ‘entrapment’ only applies when an officer encourages or incites someone to do something they they would not otherwise have done. This isn’t ‘entrapment’ – it is more like ‘shooting-fish-in-a-barrel’, especially at Crusty Corner.

    • …woulda been entrapment if I’d made a try for the book!…having a plain-clothes radio ahead to pull a driver over for a talking to and/or a ticket is kind of a trap of some sort…wether it’s meant or not…Boredinarecordshop does not advocate shooting the barrelled fish at Crusty Corner… “amble gamblers”?…

  4. fishriderrecords ⋅

    ‘amble gamblers’… huh. AMBER GAMBLERS.

  5. The Newalls ⋅

    Happy birthdee from the Raro-bound Newall clan + Jenny!!

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