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Budget Accommodation

…always read the reviews when booking a room on line… cos sometimes a room is just a room…

… and yes,they did charge a ladder-deposit.



…if my memory serves me correctly this guard post is at a major intersection in the middle of the Sinai desert ….

… it’s a good 20 minute drive to anything from here…

…but sand, being the valuable resource that it is, should be gaurded 24/7.

9 responses to “Budget Accommodation

  1. It looks like the salton sea to me… there are all sorts of ruined buildings along whatever number highway it is just past the 10 interchange. I was looking for Mecca at the time. ( yes, there is a Mecca in California 😀 they sell dates and fish.)

  2. strange and interesting!

  3. dinkerson

    Is that a person in there, peeking out at you?

    I believe that this is not a room at all.
    In fact, it is a deer stand. Yes. That is what it is.
    And that light is to shine in the deer’s eyes to make it freeze.

  4. segmation

    Wow! How did you get this picture?

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