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I Went To The Beach And All I Got Was

…this photo of the sun shining on tidal ripples…IMG_1022

…which is a shame really because we walked round the point on the Aramoana spit and waited for a departing log ship to go past… it’s a “tight” squeeze at the head of the Otago harbour, so it’s quite a buzz to watch the boats go past from the old pilots jetty, up close and personal…

…even more exciting when you realise that there is a pod of 50 to 60 bottle nose dolphins riding the ships wake…


…they broke off at the harbour mouth and looked to be heading out to sea…

…but returned with the pilot boat, who circled and played with them for about 5 minutes, just inside the harbour mouth, between Taiaroa Heads and the Mole… finally breaking off and leaving them to mill about long enough for the Monarch wildlife boat to give their passengers 5-10 minutes of full on dolphin fun…

…all observed from shore by me and my good friend Dee…

…nope, too busy looking and yahooing to take any pic’s…

…so sand is all you get.

Oh…if it makes you feel any better…

…my good friend Dee called the next day to say that, after I left, a whale was blowing and sounding just beyond the harbour mouth!!!… at least she doesn’t have a camera to forget to use.

4 responses to “I Went To The Beach And All I Got Was

  1. I have lost count of the pictures I didn’t take, and some I have sadly totally forgotten.

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