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Another Poster Project Shelved

…so Steve said to me “wow, a poster with a shark like the one at Feastock would be kinda cool”….

…so I explained how painstakingly hands-on my stuff is…and how much a commercial artist would get an hour …and how long it would take me to do an A3 poster in black & white…

…he said he’d discuss it with his band mates…Scan 126…meanwhile the idea had started to form…

…just couldn’t quite recall how to draw sharks…


Scan 127


…(only when I’m tearing my hair out do I ever even think to look at Google images)…


Scan 128

..the “memo” at the bottom of the page is sung, with gusto, to the tune of “remember you’re a Womble”…

..a firm favourite round the house for a week or so.

(Highly recommend Googling for footage of Feastock…great party… tickets on sale soon…)

(not so recommended is googling “Remember you’re a Womble”).

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