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Camouflage On The Beach

…last weekend was a bumper critter-watch weekend…

…as if seeing that huge pod of dolphins (& not seeing a whale) wasn’t enough…

…My good friend Dee and I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lass…IMG_1017

…pretty sure she’s a sea lion but we’ve, neither of us, seen one this white before…


…absolutely gorgeous…


…but a little blurry ‘cos I don’t think she’s had much to do with humans and was very fidgety, even with us keeping to a very polite distance, so I was taking more notice of my escape route than keeping an eye on focus!!…

…those be pointy teeth!

…she was gone in a fairly short amount of time, again the lack of human “contact” may have been a major factor…and being Easter there was a lot more folk about than her beach-stay guide book may have indicated.

2 responses to “Camouflage On The Beach

  1. amazing to see one so close up, only in water`zoo’s over here. Nice shots.

    • Thank you… close up is relative!… 10m is the recommended distance to stay out side when approaching these folk, I stay owell beyond that (I’ve seen them move…10 metres is not enough!) and use the zoom… quality of shot suffers but less stress involved for both parties…

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