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The One That Didn’t Make The Grade

…it had everything…sharks, complex patterns, spirals, fatc**t…Scan 157

… a bit busy, for my tastes, so not destined to get the ink/brush/colouring-in pencil treatment…

… forever languishing in the sketchbook…

…or appearing here as filler between finished “product” posts.

2 responses to “The One That Didn’t Make The Grade

  1. I like your pencil drawings… Can you see what almost looks like a Mexican wrestlers mask or skull face pattern in his suit?

    • …cheers, fine ball point rather than pencil… don’t have to keep sharpening them…
      …can’t say that I’ve seen much more than the spiral in the suit…but I’m probably not moving back and contemplating them once I’ve finished…just leaping into the next one…must remedy that!…

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