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All At Sea

…had this idea that humane whaling for scientific purposes was an avenue worth illustrating…Scan 158


of course people will adopt the practice of  sneaking up behind the whale, blocking its blowhole with a big red plunger and   doing whatever “scientific” tests they need to do before the subject regains consciousness…

of course

…after lengthy negotiations with the consultancy firm that monitors my degree of “fucking stupid” I came to conclusion that any form of whaling, inhumane or thought up by a cartoonist, is not such a good idea and tweaked the concept to appeal to a wider audience…

…my apologies to all the arseholes who continue to kill whales for anything other than a customary food source…


Scan 160


…no apologies to two-headed monsters that have become the accepted form of governing folk, not only in New Zealand, but the world over…

…don’t row, it only encourages them.

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