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Tip Shop Sound System

…having acquired a 42″ flat screen T.V. and dispensed with the old 27″behemoth class not-flat screen (with bloody great matching cabinet), the time had finally arrived to dismantle and dispose of the speaker stack…

…while this accumulation of worthless old speakers did look great precariously balanced, one atop the other, in the corner…they served no practical purpose, being either blown or too cheap to produce listenable sound. More importantly they ¬†covered part of the wall that would now accommodate said 42″ moving picture device…

…so off to the tip shop they were carted…a full station (estate) wagon full…including one more pair from the shop plus a couple of old partial turntables some one “thoughtfully” left on the shops doorstep…

…couldn’t resist one more “installation” with them…IMG_1203IMG_1202


…sound clash anyone?


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