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Oh So Thats Where It Is Going

…all those fat guys/fatct**ts… nudie suited, twin craniumed and monosyllabic, have finally got a name…Scan 171



…is it just me, or has every democratic government in the world turned into a lumbering, two headed, behemoth with only a vague sense of political direction….

…the left working in conjunction with the right and achieving little more than scuttling each others policies…

…stubby arms that are perfect for waving around and getting attention, but incapable of performing the simplest of humanitarian tasks (or wiping its own arse)…


Scan 175


…if we could send them to another country on a permanent sabbatical, we would.

2 responses to “Oh So Thats Where It Is Going

  1. It’s not just you and yes if we should send them away using a pooper canon. lol : )

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