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… in New Zealand we have a voting system with a catchy acronym…

…it means that smaller parties with “fringe” policies can get into parliament and bring some of their mates with them…

…(to call them hippies or nazis or both would not be true… in rare cases)…

…or something like that…

…I finally figured out what it stands for…Scan 181

…in the next election, cross out the word “vote” and write in the word “shoot” on your ballot paper…

…for those of you who aren’t from around here…google “Aaron Gilmore”.

8 responses to “MMP

  1. lol – I like this one VERY MUCH. : )

    • …thank you… feels like it’s moving onwards and upwards… although visitor numbers have declined in recent weeks, the quality of visitor remains high…. (ooo…too much listening to NZ budget bullshit in the media…)…

  2. So, I was thinking I’d come back with a smart ass quote from a politico in the paper and this is the first headline on the Guardian front page… “Party leader takes shelter in police riot van as demonstrators chant: ‘Ukip scum off our streets’” – It seems it’s not just you mate, everyone has had enough of them, everyone, everywhere! : )

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