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Ol’ School

…got me a nicely made,retro (70s?), Dept’ of Education blackboard at the tip shop a several weeks back…

…coupla coats of blackboard paint and…IMG_1256

…finally affixed it to the kitchen wall on Monday…

…easier to draw on, affixed, than when it’s balanced, precariously, on the bread bin…

…mission accomplished…

…somewhere to write shopping lists or to catch ideas for cartoons as they come out of the nearby radio…

…like so…


…pretty sure I didn’t mishear him, but this was at 6.00am and I’m pretty much running on instinct at that time of the morning…

…instinct and only one cup of coffee.

11 responses to “Ol’ School

  1. Nice… Too Cool 4 Skool : )

  2. Jeffrey ⋅

    Powered through the day by farts, I know how that feels.

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